Fall 2018

Fall2018 - flyer-02.jpg

Week 1 Facebook Event – September 20

“Everyone Can Play: The Call to Missionary Discipleship”
Curtis Kneblik
As always, come for food, fun, and drinks at 7, and the talk will begin at 7:30.

Week 2 – Facebook Event – September 27

“Family as the First and Primary Ministry”
Allan Cruz


Fall Festivities at Tom’s Corn Maze

This past Friday, members from Theology on Tap went to Tom’s Corn Maze near West Carrollton.  Thanks to everyone who came out to the corn maze!  This concludes our fall 2010 season.   Stay tuned for more info on the Spring 2011 season!  As well as more fun activities between now and then…:-)


Members of Theology on Tap at Tom's Corn Maze!