Week 6: “Qui Est Veritas: Knowing Truth through Faith and Reason”

This was our 6th and final week of the fall 2010 season’s Theology on Tap.  This week, JonMarc Grodi came to speak to us about Truth, what it means to “have faith,” and how faith = man’s response to God.

For more great Catholic resources on faith and reason, (as well as many other great Catholic resources!) please visit JonMarc’s and his wife, Teresa’s website:  http://Catholic360.wordpress.com


JonMarc Grodi


Week 5: ” Who Are You?”

This week, Emily Bissonnette from Ruah Woods came to speak on what it means to be created in God’s image and likeness, and how the universal vocation is our call to love.


Emily Bissonnette
Group shot with Emily Bissonnette

Week 1: The Saints Down the Street

On September 9th, Mike Carter, a professor from the University of Dayton, gave a talk at TOT about current saints of the US and Midwest, as well as saints “in the making.”   Hearing about the lives of people like you and me, striving for holiness, was both inspiring and motivating in our own journey to become saints.

A group shot with Mike Carter