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Fr. Chris became a priest in 2016, and is currently parochial vicar at St. Andrew and St. Elizabeth Ann Seton parishes in Milford, Ohio. He brews beer in his spare time.


You are made for greatness; you are unique and unrepeatable. There’s a difference between doing something great and being great. How do we achieve greatness?

If you want to be great, be holy. Being holy doesn’t mean being boring.

All of us can write a blank check to Jesus: “I give myself to you, no matter what.” One way to do that is a Marian consecration; if we give ourselves to Mary, it’s her job to bring us to Jesus.

Quotes and Resources

Saint John Paul the Great by Jason Evert – “Everyone comes into the world in diapers. Most of us leave in them, just much bigger ones.”

Pope Benedict XVI – “The world offers you comfort, but you were not made for comfort; you were made for greatness.

Pope Francis homily, 3/28/14 – “The God of mercy; he does not tire of forgiving. We are the ones who tire in asking for forgiveness, but he does not tire.”

33 Days to Morning Glory – Marian consecration book


  • How do we balance enjoying the good things in the world but not getting caught up in the comforts?
    • Live a life of joy (not the same as happiness).
    • Enjoy healthy recreation. Seek comfort when you need rejuvenation.
    • When we seek comfort for comfort’s sake, that’s where we go awry.
  • Can you speak to singleness as a vocation?
    • Everyone is called to holiness, no matter your vocation or state in life.
    • There is something qualitatively different between being a single person vs. married, ordained, or in an order (all constitute a commitment).
      • Different does not imply that one is better or worse.
  • How do you carry out a personal leap of faith?
    • Go home and tell Jesus, “I am yours.”
    • Confession is a tool to erase any barriers keeping you from making that commitment.
  • How can our wounds lead to greatness instead of holding us back?
    • Our God comforts and heals. We have to trust in him. If we have a wound or weakness we can’t overcome on our own, turn to God and say, “I need you.”
  • How can fight the temptation to hold back areas of life from God?
    • Ask yourself, do I really know God? If you do, you’ll want to share everything with Him.
    • Mo Teresa – I worry that some of you have not yet encountered the Lord in your heart (to the missionaries of charity)
  • Why is greatness scary?
    • It requires total commitment.
  • How do you strive for greatness in a chaotic environment?
    • You have to make time for the Lord.
    • Give your struggles and chaos to Jesus when they happen.
  • How do we help people see what real greatness is in the midst of what the world sees it as?
  • Can you talk about the joy of confession as a priest?
    • You are letting Jesus win the battle for your heart.
    • I’m inspired by the courage people show when coming before a priest to admit where they messed up.
  • How do your distinguish between what makes you great and what you enjoy doing?
  • How do we internalize greatness from something that’s head knowledge to something we believe in our hearts?