September 22, 2011 – This week at ToT, Dr. Ashley Fernandes shared with us “myths and truths” of the Catholic Church’s view on life, based on the writings of Pope Paul VI’s Humanae Vitae.  Some of the topics he spoke on included contraception, abortion, and in vitro fertilization.  Dr. Fernandes also shared with us some of his conversion story, and provided us with scientific research findings that demonstrate how oral contraceptives can be abortifacient in nature.  Natural Family Planning (or “NFP”) resources are listed below:

Cervical fluid/mucus changes accurately detect ovulation ( Alliende et. al, Am J Obstet Gynecol, 2005; Bigelow et. al, Hum Reprod 2004 )

Couples using NFP reported 75% overall positive effects on marital relationship ( Vande Vusse et. al, J Nursing Scolarsh, 2003 )


Dr. Fernandes talking about life issues

Please join us next week, Sept. 29th, as Mark Newman shares his conversion story!