June 2, 2011 – Our final week of the Spring 2011 season, Sean Gallivan came to Theology on Tap to talk about life issues, including abortion and contraception, and how using Natural Family Planning provides the fullest (and only) expression of free, total, faithful, and fruitful love towards our spouse / future spouse.  We are grateful to Sean, as well as to all of our speakers this season, for sharing their faith, knowledge, and time with us.

Sean Gallivan on "Life Issues"

Although this concludes our Spring 2011 season of ToT, “Catholic Life”, another Catholic young adults group, will be starting up next week.  Join them on Thursdays at 7pm at Panera on Brown Street to continue learning and supporting one another in faith.

**Also, please join us for our end-of-the-season celebration on Saturday, June 4th, at Poelking Lanes (3200 Woodman Drive) at 7 pm.  We hope to see you there!